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Mobiderm® for Lymphoedema Treatment

Mobiderm® is a system used under a reducing bandage and it is effective at mobilising oedematous or indurated subcutaneous tissue by creating zones of differentiated pressure between the foam cubes and their perimeter. This results in the very rapid reduction of lymphatic, venous or post traumatic oedema.

Mobiderm® is a unique patented system, that is effective, practical and comfortable. It is very washable, lightweight, extremely soft, and it can be cut to any size.

Included in the unique Mobiderm® system are the full range of innovative strapping bandages, such as; the cotton short stretch, Biflexideal and the Biflex Compression bandage.

Mobiderm® Bandage System

Mobiderm Bandaging System is a 4 layered compression system, which offers a low compression to aid in the healing process and also reduces swelling and fluid build up in the limbs.

1. Skin Protection

Cotton Short Stretch Bandage

2. Drainage of Oedema

Mobiderm Roll or Sheet

3. Retention


4. Compression

Biflex 16+ or 17+

How Mobiderm Works

Creates  a pressure differential between the supporting zone and the surrounding area.

Combined with muscle volume variation  triggers a shear effect in the subcutaneous tissues.

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