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Mobiderm Intimate Bra


Mobiderm Intimate Bra by Thuasne is expertly designed to provide optimal care and support for women who have undergone breast cancer and plastic breast surgery. This innovative bra features two integrated Mobiderm bandages that aid in reducing swelling and preventing Lymphoedema. These bandages apply gentle pressure and massage the tissues affected by edemas, significantly improving lymph drainage.
Additionally, the bra effectively minimises the development of hematomas. If you have any women suffering from mammary and thoracic wall edemas, the Mobiderm Intimate Bra is highly recommended for its exceptional support and care.



  • Bilateral pockets to insert breast prostheses
  • Easy to put on with the hook and zip front closure
  • Comes with two Mobiderm pads that are integrated, removable and ready for immediate use
  • Self-management ensured
  •  High shape – good for covering scars
  • Aimed for post-op, reconstruction, and post-radiotherapy edema

Material: 64% Polyamid, 7% Polyester and 5% Polyurethan

Please refer to the size chart for information on sizing.

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10 – 12 A/B, 14 – 16 A/B, 18 – 20 A/B, 22-24 A/B, 26-28 A/B, 10 – 12 C/D, 14 – 16 C/D, 18 – 20 C/D, 22-24 C/D, 24-26 C/D, 10 – 12 D/E, 14 – 16 D/E, 18 – 20 D/E, 22-24 D/E, 24-26 D/E