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Mobiderm Mitten


Ambidextrous Mobiderm® Mitten.

Mobiderm® padding sewn into garment to promote lymph drainage in the hand at night, supporting day time compression.

  • Simple, quick application
  • Comfortable and unintrusive
  • Works during sleep without disrupting it

See images for size chart


Ideal for:

  • All stages of the lymphœdema
  • The maintenance phase or at the end of the reduction phase
  • Patients presenting dysmorphims or progressive œdema
  • Patients who wish to have autonomous control of their œdema

See size chart in images



Garment Care:

2 wash options:

• Handwash: soak the device in cold soapy water, rub gently and squeeze water out by pressing.

• Machine wash : use the wool cycle at cold temperature and use a laundry net. Hand squeeze water out by pressing.

Dry at room temperature away from direct source of heat.

Outer layer of garment: 59 % polyamide, 41 % elastane

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